We enhance the variety and intensity of sensory experiences in physical environments.

We do this by making new objects and devices, and finding new uses for existing things in unexpected and unintended ways. We are connectors and tinkerers, in the spirit of the original polymath, Leonardo Da Vinci. 

DVW exists at the intersection of neuroscience, technology, and design. We use our knowledge and skills to develop things that shape immersive experiences. Our core expertise is in understanding neurosensory processing – the way that the brain processes information about our surroundings to create an internal representation of the world, which in turn shapes our experiences, memories, physical health, how we feel, and what we think. (Our sister company NeuroSense applies these same insights to the improvement of healthcare environments - check it out at www.neuro-sense.com). 

In addition to developing prototypes and finished products that we use in our own installations and offer for sale, we are always interested in collaborating on new products and projects. We’d love to hear what’s in your head!