Prototypes and New Applications

Akoustic Arts "A" Speaker

Spatial directional acoustic technology that delivers sounds inside a tightly-defined projected area (manufacturer website at We are developing novel and imaginative applications utilizing this technology.



5-Dimensional Lighting Control Interface

Lighting effects can be highly complex and nuanced, consisting of changes in color (hue and saturation), intensity, spatial position, duration, creation and dissolution of specified color combinations or sets, and the associated rates of change of each of these parameters. Traditional light mixing boards allow the development of pre-programmed cue and scene changes, but NOT real-time composition and creation of lighting effects as a performance medium. We are developing a hybrid controller for doing exactly that!



New Lighting Fixture for Mobile Uses

I am a big fan of battery-powered, wirelessly programmable LED light fixtures - they can be moved with ease and adapted to a location and use in the moment. However, there are needs and opportunities that aren't being addressed by currently-available fixtures - so we are developing our own! We'll introduce them in the coming months.